Trust-wide Consistency

Keep processes consistent across your Trust.

You can keep central control of your Trust's processes or allow full flexibility to your schools.

Customisable trust-wide template

Add any additional custom checks to your trust template, and either enforce across all schools or merely encourage them as best practice.

Rearrange and edit default preset processes

You can rearrange and customise check sections and fields, profile type names, avatars, and even add new custom profile types. You can also edit our Inspector Ready/School Ready terminology to suit your processes best.

Your trust's procedures tracked correctly

The two most common processes to add are HR to-do lists/New Starter checklists for induction, and Statutory Staff Training sections for dates and upcoming renewals. You can use custom sections and checks for what you need.

"Being able to view compliance information so quickly means we can be confident that our single central records meet all statutory requirements, without having to check through increasing rows of data! Migrating the info over was very straightforward, ... and the support has been invaluable."

Jennifer Jarvis
Primary Schools HR Officer, Wickersley Partnership Trust

Notify your schools of new processes immediately

Need to notify your school administrators of new staff-related processes, such as induction? You can now notify them immediately.

Add new HR related processes to all schools in one click

To notify all schools of your new processes, simply add new custom sections and checks, and hit 'Publish Changes'. All school administrators will now be notified of new fields to be filled in on their Dashboards.

Ensure correct new sections show automatically

Did your trust implement a process on a specific historical date, where you want to ensure SCR Tracker shows these sections and checks on only the correct staff members? Visibility logic and conditions give you full control over date-related checks.

"All of our system users are finding the system easy to use, and we have had lots of positive feedback from staff across the Trust. I just wish we had moved to this system sooner!"

Emma Nunn
Trust Compliance Manager, HEARTS Academy Trust

Custom trust-specific branding

Help your single central record managers feel right at home by customising our headers and colours to your own branding.

Customise terminology to suit your needs

Prefer to use 'statutory' versus 'non-statutory', or 'Ofsted/ISI Compliant' and 'Trust Compliant', instead of our default 'Inspector Ready' and 'School Ready' terminology? Now you can ensure system-wide terminology suits what you need best.

System-wide custom branding

Now your SCR managers can feel right at home with customised headers and colours, including your Trust logo so the software feels bespoke to your processes in every way.

Ready to upgrade your Trust's SCR Processes?

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